Insectipedia is a free resource of garden insects, insect terms, and helpful information. Use it to research insects you observe in your organic garden or look up an insect to learn more about it in terms of its beneficial or harmful effect.

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Insect volume:
The insect volumes contain individual garden insect entries.
Vol A - D
Vol E - H
Vol I - L
Vol M - P
Vol Q - T
Vol U - Z
Insect glossary volume:
The insect glossary contains important insect related entries.
Vol A - D
Vol E - H
Vol I - L
Vol M - P
Vol Q - T
Vol U - Z


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Listed below are the different entries of Insectipedia's Organic Garden Encyclopedia. Each Insectipedia entry will provide valuable information on life cycle, feeding characteristics, controls and other important information the adverse or beneficial effect of the individual insect. Knowledge is the first line of defense in insect pest control.

Vol A - D

Apple Curculio
Apple Maggot
Apple-and-thorn Skeletonizer
Apple Red Bug
Army Cutworm
Artichoke Plume Moth
Asparagus Beetle
Assassin Bugs
Avocado Thrip
Bean Aphid
Bean Leaf Beetle
Bean Weevil
Bee Flies
Beet Armyworm
Beet Leafhopper
Bigeyed Bug
Blue Sharpshooter
Boxelder Bug
Braconid Wasp
Broadwinged Katydid
Brown Stink Bug
Buffalo Treehopper
Bumble Bee
Cabbage Curculio
Cabbage Looper
Cabbage Maggot
California Red Scale
Carrot Beetle
Carrot Rust Fly
Carrot Weevil
Cherry Fruit Fly
Chinch Bug
Citrus Mealybug
Citrus Thrips
Codling Moth
Colorado Potato Beetle
Comstock Mealybug
Corn Earworm
Cotton Square Borer
Cottonycushion Scale
Currant Fruit Fly
Diamondback Moth
Digger Wasp

Vol E - H

Eastern Field Wireworm
Eastern Tent Caterpillar
Eggplant Lace Bug
Encarsia formosa
European Apple Sawfly
European Corn Borer
European Earwig
Eyespotted Bud Moth
Fall Armyworm
Fall Cankerworm
Fall Webworm
Field Cricket
Fiery Hunter
Fiery Searcher
Fig Beetle
Flatheaded Appletree Borer
Flea Beetle
Flesh Flies
Flower Fly
Forest Tent Caterpillar
Fourlined Plant Bug
Fruittree Leafroller
Fungus Gnat
Garden Centipede
Garden Webworm
Glassy-winged Sharpshooter
Grape Berry Moth
Grape Colaspis
Grape Flea Beetle
Grape Root Borer
Grapeleaf Skeletonizer
Grapevine Beetle
Green Fruitworm
Green Lacewing
Green Peach Aphid
Greenhouse Whitefly
Ground Beetle
Gypsy Moth
Harlequin Bug
Hessian Fly
Honey Bee

Vol I - L

Ichneumon Wasp
Imported Cabbageworm
Io Moth
Japanese Beetle
Jerusalem Cricket
June Beetle
Lady Beetle Cycloneda sp
Lady Beetle Hippodamia convergens
Lady Beetle Olla abdominalis
Lady Beetle Rodolia cardinalis
Lady Beetle Stethorus picipes
Leaffooted Bug
Lesser Peachtree Borer
Limabean Pod Borer
Longtailed Mealybug

Vol M - P

Margined Blister Beetle
Mealybug Destroyer
Mediterranean Fruit Fly
Mexican Bean Beetle
Minute Pirate Bug
Navel Orangeworm
Negro Bug
Northern Corn Rootworm
Northern Mole Cricket
Obliquebanded Leafroller
Omnivorous Leaftier
Onion Maggot
Onion Thrip
Orange Tortrix
Oriental Fruit Moth
Parasitic Nematodes
Pea Aphid
Peachtree Borer
Pear Psylla
Pear Sawfly
Pecan Weevil
Pennsylvania Leatherwing
Pepper Maggot
Periodical Cicada
Plum Curculio
Potato Beetle
Potato Leafhopper
Potato Stalk Borer
Potato Tuberworm
Potter Wasp
Praying Mantids
Predatory Mite
Purple Scale
Puss Caterpillar
Pyramidal Fruitworm

Vol Q - T

Raspberry Crown Borer
Redbanded Leafhopper
Redbanded Leaf Roller
Redhumped Caterpillar
Rhubarb Curculio
Robber Flies
Roundheaded Appletree Borer
Rove Beetle
Saltmarsh Caterpillar
San Jose Scale
Sap Beetle
Say Stink Bug
Shothole Borer
Slugs and Snails
Snowy Tree Cricket
Soldier Beetle
Southern Green Stink Bug
Southwestern Corn Borer
Sow Bugs
Spider Mites
Spined Soldier Bug
Spotted Asparagus Beetle
Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Spotted Grapevine Beetle
Spring Cankerworm
Squash Bug
Squash Vine Borer
Strawberry Crown Moth
Striped Blister Beetle
Striped Cucumber Beetle
Tachinid Flies
Tanglewing Flies
Tarnished Plant Bug
Tiger Beetle
Tomato Hornworm
Trichogramma Wasp

Vol U - Z

Vegetable Weevil
Walnut Caterpillar
Walnut Husk Fly
Western Tussock Moth
Whitefringed Beetle
Whitelined Sphinx Moth
Woolly Apple Aphid
Yellow Jacket
Yellow Woollybear
Yellownecked Caterpillar
Zebra Caterpillar

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