Carrot Beetle

Carrot Beetle

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Common names:  Carrot Beetle

Scientific name:  Bothynus gibbosus

Region:  With exception to the Deep South area, this beetle can be found throughout North America.

Life cycle:  This Beetle only produces one generation each year and hibernates as an adult in the soil.

Physical Description:  This beetle appears reddish brown or black in color and has a hard shell with small holes forming lines on its backIts size is about 1/2 inch longThe eggs are white and are laid in early spring in the soilThe larva is bluish white with a brown head and with a curved shape of about 1 inch long.

Feeding characteristics:  As larvae, the beetle chews the roots of a variety of grain cropsAs adults, they feel on the stems and toot of host plant, but they seldom do any damage.

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