Digger Wasp

Digger Wasp

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Common names:  Digger Wasp, Scolia Wasp

Scientific name:  Scolia sp. Region:  Throughout North America and Europe

Life cycle:  Normally a single brood per year.

Physical Description:  These Wasps are large solitary wasps about .5 - 2 inches long.  The Adult is Hairy, black, with bright red and yellow markings on the abdomen.  The wings are black

Feeding characteristics:  "The Grub Killer." Scolia Wasps are mainly external parasites of Coleoptera.  The adult female burrows into the soil in search of grubs.

When it locates a grub, it parasitizes it (often killing it with its powerful sting).  In some cases she will burrow deep into the soil (up to four feet) dragging the grub behind, before forming a nest cell around the host and implanting an egg.

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