Apple and Thorn Skeletonizer

Apple and Thorn Skeletonizer

Photo: Kirin Elliot

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Common names:  Apple and Thorn Skeletonizer

Scientific name:  Anthophila pariana

Region:  This Caterpillar can be found in eastern United States and the Pacific Northwest.

Life cycle:  This insect produces several generations each year.  The adult moth overwinters in a protected location.  The eggs are laid in the spring.

Physical Description:  This 1/2 inch long caterpillar is a yellow/green color with a brown head and small, black protuberances on its body.  The insect is usually surrounded by webbing and frass.  The adult is a dark brown moth.  The eggs are laid on leaves and bark.

Feeding characteristics:  This caterpillar is found on apple and quince trees, where the larvae will web together the upper surfaces of the leaves and twigs and feed on the leaves and fruits from within.  The feeding does not usually cause significant damage or harm to the host plant.

Controls:  Controls are not usually necessary, but you can hand pick them if desired.

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