Fiery Searcher

Fiery Searcher

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Common names: Fiery Searcher, Ground Beetle

Scientific name: Calosoma scrutator

Region: This predator can be found in the United States and southern Canada with many other similar species found throughout North America.

Life cycle: Only one generation is produced per year.  The adults hibernate in the soil.

Physical Description: This blackish purple beetle has a green thorax and is about 1 inch long.  It is aptly named, Fiery, for its caustic secretions and ravenous appetite for Caterpillars.  Handle this one with gloves.  Its eggs are whitish and are laid in the soil.  The larva is yellowish gray to white and are flat with very sharp jaws.  Similar insects include the Rove Beetle and various types of Tiger Beetles.

Feeding characteristics: The adult feeds at night on many soft- bodied larvae, including Cankerworms and Tent Caterpillars.

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