Apple Red Bug

Apple Red Bug Damage

Apple Bug damage

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Common names:  Apple Red Bug

Scientific name:  Lygidea mendax

Region:  The Apple Bug is found in the north central and northeastern United States.

Life cycle:  This bug produces one generation each year.  The eggs spend the winter in the bark crevices.  Hatching occurs before blossoming, and the Bugs mature in June.

Physical Description:  This bug is an active red insect with a brownish mid section and black legs.  A related species is covered with long white hairs.  This bug is 1/4 to 1/3 inch long.  A very similar insect is the Tarnished Plant Bug.

Feeding characteristics:  This bug attack apple trees as nymphs and adults make small holes in leaves and feed on developing fruit.  The leaves become distorted and the apples gnarled with dimples or a series of small russet scars.

Controls:  Foliage feeding doesn't cause significant damage and a delayed application of dormant-oil spray just as nymphs emerge should take care of these pests.

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