Brown Stink Bug

Brown Stink Bug

Photgraph by W.L. Tedders - The University of Florida

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Common names:  Brown Stink Bug

Scientific name:  Euschistus servus

Region:  This bug is found in the eastern United States with similar species in the west and in Canada.

Life cycle:  This insect produces one generation each year and can hibernates as an adult or egg.

Physical Description: This Stink Bug is brown with a checked border beneath its wing covers, is 1/2 inch long, and shaped similar to a shield.  It lays its eggs on leaves and fruit.

Feeding characteristics:  This pest damages blackberry, cabbage, corn, peach and tomato plants, when the adults and nymphs puncture the fruit skins, causing a gummy substance to appear.

The injured fruit will appear pitted.  Many similar stink bugs are predaceous.

Controls:  The most effective preventive maintenance is weed control.  The pests are also vulnerable to soap sprays for serious infestations dust with sabadilla.

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