Rhubarb Curculio

Rhubarb Curculio

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Common names: Rhubarb Curculio

Scientific name: Lixus concavus

Region: This weevil can be found throughout the United States.

Life cycle: This insect produces one generation each year and overwinters as an adult in weeds.

Physical Description: This Curculio is a large, 3/4 of an inch, weevil is a grayish brown, but is covered with a yellow to orange powder resembling pollen.  Its eggs are laid in punctures made in the stalks of rhubarb, which produce the white larva.

Feeding characteristics: This pest bores into stalks, crowns, roots, and stems.  Larvae will also feed on dock, sunflower, and similar plants.

Controls: These weevils are large enough to easily spot and handpicking is an effective control of this insect.

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