Artichoke Plume Moth

Artichoke Plume Moth

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Common names:  Artichoke Plume Moth

Scientific name:  Platyptilia carduidactyla

Region:  This Caterpillar can be found throughout

North America.

Life cycle:  This insect produces up to three generations each year and hibernates in the larval stage.

Physical Description:  This 1/2 inch long, hairy caterpillar is green or yellow with black shields on the head, thorax, and anus, and lives in webs.  The adult is a brownish moth with feather-like wings.  The wings are closed and stretched out at right angles to the body when at rest.  The wingspan of this moth is 1 inch.  The eggs are laid on branches and stems.

Feeding characteristics:  This pest is found on artichokes and similar species and are are found on grapes.

They feed by chewing new leaves and bore into stems, stalks, and buds.  This feeding occurs in the spring.

Controls:  For infested artichoke plants, cut off affected area or whole plant and destroy.  Also, bury old plant tops.

Infested grape plants can be sprayed with dormant oil just as the buds begin to swell.

Caterpillars should also be handpicked whenever found.

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