Limabean Pod Borer

Limabean Pod Borer

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Common names: Limabean Pod Borer

Scientific name: Etiella zinckenella

Region: This insect can be found throughout North America, but is very common to California.

Life cycle: This borer can produce two to four generations each year and hibernates as a pupa within the soil.

Physical Description: The caterpillar ranges in color from pink, tan, or greenish, and is about 1/2 inch long.  The adult is a gray moth with orange and white bands across its wings.  It has a one-inch wingspan and is a very strong flier.

The white eggs are laid in pods and are elliptical in shape.

Feeding characteristics: These Borers will attack peas and all beans.  The larvae feed inside the pods, but when they bore there way in, they leave no trace of entrance.

When they become mature, they chew holes in the pods and fall the ground to pupate.

Controls: This insect usually doesn't pose a large threat, and handpicking is sufficient.

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