Whitelined Sphinx Moth

Whitelined Sphinx Moth

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Common names: Whitelined Sphinx Moth

Scientific name: Hyles lineata

Region: This Caterpillar is found in the United States and southern Canada.

Life cycle: This insect produces two generations each year and overwinters in the pupal stage.

Physical Description: This 2 1/2 to 3 inch long caterpillar is greenish yellow with a yellow horn and head.  It also has yellow pale markings with black outlines.  The adult moth is brown with white stripes that run diagonally across the wings, and a broad, beige band that runs down the middle of the wings to its tips.  It resembles a hummingbird, with thick antennae and a wingspan of 3 inches.  The eggs are laid on the underside of leaves.

Feeding characteristics: This pest attacks Beet, currant, grape, melon, pear, plum, and tomato plants by feeding on their leaves and fruits.

Controls: This caterpillar is easily controlled by handpicking.

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