June Beetle

June Beetle

June Beetle Larva

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Common names: June Beetle, May Beetle, Daw Bug

Scientific name: Phyllophaga sp

Region: Many species of this beetle can be found throughout North America.

Life cycle: One generation every three years.  The grubs overwinter in the soil for the first two years, and then the third winter is spent in the pupal stage.

Physical Description: This 1 inch, hard-shelled beetle is black or reddish brown.  The eggs are laid separately several inches (1-8) below the surface of the soil.

The plump larva is gray/white with a brown head.

Feeding characteristics: As grubs, they feed on underground plant parts during the summer, such as, roots of bluegrass, timothy grass, corn, soybeans, and several other crops.

Controls: Use Milky Spore Disease to control the grubs.  The Digger Wasp is a natural predator, that will dig down after the grub.

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