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An important element in organic gardening is managing its health. It is your number one priority. Let's call it your own terra firma. It's a living bio-entity with millions of swarming microorganisms. This life includes earthworms, bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa. A healthy garden area has lots of biological life and these organisms need organic matter to survive and thrive.

soil life

Your Garden is Alive!

This living-life helps with garden health, fertility, decomposition of organic matter, replenishment of nutrients, humus formation, and promotion of root growth, nutrient uptake, and herbicide and pesticide breakdown. When you ignore your garden's "terra firma" the biological life either decreases or dies. Once this happens, your plants will be weak; low food producing and susceptible to disease and insect attack.

A Healthy Garden Keeps the Insects Away

Normally, insects will only attack unhealthy plants. Just as people who are healthy are less susceptible to disease, so are healthy plants that are on a good diet less susceptible to disease and insect attack. The first step in organic gardening insect control is to focus on health, of what most people call "dirt." Your garden needs your attention and energy.

Organic Matter and Humus - The Foundation of Your Garden Earth

Your living terra firma needs organic matter and humus to survive. The organic matter in your garden helps feed all the organisms and release nutrients. Humus acts like glue that holds all the particles together, and it helps prevent erosion and increases a garden's moisture holding ability. Humus also increases fertility by making nutrients more available to the organic garden plants' roots.

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