Organic Gardening by the Moon

Gardening by the Moon
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Moon Gardening is an Art

Using the moon as gardening guide is a subtle refinement to your organic gardening practice. Is gardening by moon phases necessary? No, but as a technologist and gardener it makes sense to me. It's from this point of view that I'm providing you with this little known practice.



Hopefully the information I provide will be simple, fun and useful. If it's something that makes sense to you, then it will be knowledge you'll use all the time for healthier plants and more succesful organic gardening.

The first step in learning to garden by moon phases is to understand these phases and their relationship to our planet and your organic garden.

What's Going On

The moon revolves around the Earth, and this revolution makes the Moon appear like it's changing its shape different each night. This shape morphing is caused by the different angles when we're viewing the bright part of the Moon's surface. This bright part that you see is the reflection from the Sun. As the moon revolves around the Earth, it passes through four major cycles that recycle themselves every (approximately) 29.5 days.

The Moon's Forces

The Moon's forces that affect your garden are gravitational, moonlight and magnetic (Earth and Moon forces against each other). These forces affect seed germination (planting), root growth (transplanting), and leaf growth. Understanding these forces will help you to increase seed germination, and improve the health and quality of your plants.

Moon's Effect on Seed Gemination

Seeds planted by lunar phases helps increase the speed and success rate of seed germination. The Moon's gravitational pull of the soil's water helps the seed coat to absorb water for seed coat bursting.

Seed germination is made up of three groups: Short Germinating seeds, Long Germinating seeds, and Extra-long Germinating seeds.

Germination Group
Length to germination
Short Germination (SG)   1 -7 days
Long Germination (LG)   8 - 21 days
Extra-long Germination (ELG)   22 - 28 days

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