Longtailed Mealybug

Longtailed Mealybug

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Common names: Longtailed Mealybug, Coffee Mealybug

Scientific name: Pseudococcus adonidum

Region: This mealybug can be found throughout North America, especially in the southern region.

Life cycle: This insect produces numerous generations each year on overwinters in all stages.

Physical Description: The mealybug is 1/10 of an inch long, white, waxy, and cottony and has two long strands that extend from the rear, accounting for its name.

There are no eggs associated with this insect, their young are BORN ALIVE!

Feeding characteristics: This pest attacks avocado, banana, citrus, fig, and plum trees by feeding on the fruit, foliage, and stems.

Controls: These pests are introduced into gardens or crops by Ants, therefore, your first line of defense should be targeted at eliminating the ants.  You can do this by putting a band around the trunk made of cotton and roofing paper covered with Tanglefoot or StickemBone meal sprinkled on lawns or gardens can also help to control them.

There are two types of Chalcid Wasps, Anarhopus sydneyensis, and Hungariella peregrina.  They are from Australia and Brazil and are very successful predatorsLady Beetles are also effective at controlling this insect.

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