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Organic Gardening Compost

Making your own organic gardening compost will also help reduce unnecessary garden waste going to landfill! (Nice benefit in this age of “waste”), and it’s much better to create your own fertilizer instead of throwing away perfectly good organic material. Compost will significantly save you money on expensive fertilizers, as well. 

The benefits of compost are many. When you start making your own compost, it’s truly amazing what it will do for your organic garden soil. Compost has the capacity to improve the properties of your garden’s biological make-up (living soil microorganisms), soil structure and soil nutrition. This organic gardening eBook makes it easy.

Organic Pest Control

Organic pest control is much more than the one troublesome insect. Using the traditional methods of poison, not only pollutes your garden system but also kills off many, if not all, the beneficial insects.

You will learn the seven steps of Organic Pest Management (OPM).

  1. Pest Prevention
  2. Identification of the insect problem
  3. Assessment of Insect Damage
  4. Selection of Insect Control Tactic
  5. Implementation of Insect Control
  6. Re-assessment of Insect Damage
  7. Follow-up Periodic Assessment

This organic gardening eBook shows you how.

Organic Garden Soil

An important element in organic gardening is managing your soil's health. It is your number one priority. Let's call it your own terra firma. It's a living bio-entity with billions of swarming microorganisms. This life includes earthworms, bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa. A healthy garden soil has lots of biological life and these organisms need organic matter to survive and thrive. This organic gardening eBook shows how to create healthy food producing soil.

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