Pennsylvania Leatherwing

Pennsylvania Leatherwing

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Common names: Soldier Beetle, Pennsylvania Leatherwing

Scientific name: Chauliognathus pennsylvanicus

Region: This beetle is found in the eastern portion of North America.

Life cycle: The Soldier Beetle produces two generations each year.  The larvae overwinter in the soil or garden trash.

Physical description: This beetle is yellowish golden or a dull orange with a black spot on its thorax and black markings on the back of both wing covers.  It has a black head, soft body, and measures 1/2 inch long.  Its eggs are laid in groups or clusters in the soil, while the larva is white with a flattened body and is hairy.

Feeding characteristics: The adult's diet consists of grasshopper eggs, cucumber beetles, and a variety of Caterpillars.

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