Comstock Mealybug

Comstock Mealybug

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Common names:  Comstock Mealybug

Scientific name:  Pseudococcus comstocki

Region:  This mealybug can be found in eastern

United States and California, with other species found throughout North America.

Physical Description:  This 1/4 inch long insect is white with an elliptical shape and small waxy spinesThe eggs of this mealybug are laid under the bark of the host trees.

Feeding characteristics:  This pest attacks apple, grape, peach and pear trees by infesting the fruit causing disfiguring and may lead to moldInfestations occur near pruning scars and cause galls to form.

Controls:  The simplest and safest control is a strong stream of water, or soapy water, directed at the underside of foliage.

If you're working with a problem inside the house or green house, you can kill them by touching them with a cotton tip soaked in alcoholThe alcohol dissolves the waxy protective coating.

A Chalcid Wasp has been successful at controlling this mealybug in Virginia and Ohio.

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