Redbanded Leafhopper

Redbanded Leafhopper

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Common names: Redbanded Leafhopper

Scientific name: Graphocephala coccinea

Region: This leafhopper is found throughout North America.

Life cycle: This insect produces one to three generations each year and overwinters in garden rubbish.

Physical Description: This 1/3 inch insect is bright green with red, green, or blue band. It has green wings and the thorax has red stripes, yellow head and legs, wedge shaped body.

Feeding characteristics: The adults and nymphs will attack many garden vegetables by feeding on the foliage, but they do not cause serious harm. This leafhopper secretes a substance "honeydew" substance, which contains a lot of sugar, often causing ants to care for them as they do aphids.

Controls: No controls are necessary, damage is usually minimal.

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