Green Peach Aphid

Green Peach Aphid

Green Peach Aphids

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Common names: Green Peach Aphid, Spinach Aphid

Scientific name: Myzus persicae

Region: Throughout North America

Life cycle: Numerous generations per year.  Hibernation occurs in the egg stage for aphids in the

Northern regions, while females reproduce constantly in all other areas.

Plants preferred: This Aphid will appear when peach begin to bloom and leave, by the middle of July, for other plants, such as potatoes, peppers, lettuce, and various other small fruits, garden vegetables, and orchard crops.

Physical Description: This aphid ranges from 1/10 to 1/5inches and is usually greenish, pink or red, or dark brown with wings.

Feeding characteristics: This aphid sucks the juices of stems and leaves and spreads viral diseases such as mosaic, Potato Leaf Roll, beet yellows, and others.

Controls: Large populations of Lacewings and Lady Beetles can help control these insects.  If this is not sufficient, then try using some dormant-oil or spray the foliage with water or soapy water.  For serious infestations dust with sabadilla.

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