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Organic Gardening Information is a culmination of all my years of organic gardening. I've been growing vegetables and fruits for my family and the organic markets for over 20 years. And I'm learning more every day on my five acres here in Southern California. I'm taking these experience's and my knowledge to provide you with the latest, time-tested information on Organic Gardening whether you're an organic gardening newbie or an experienced gardener.

Information you can use right away to grow your own vegetables in a way that is safe for you, your family and the environment. One thing I've learned is that there is no "right way" to grow organically. Remember, always keep it simple, because "simple" is easy to manage in the long run. If you're new to gardening, take baby steps and start small.

Where You Garden

Whether you live in an apartment, suburban home or somewhere in between, I'll share with you organic gardening information on:

  • Garden Soil

    Organic gardening soil health is the most important aspect of your garden. I found that if you feed the soil organically all else falls into place.
  • Compost

    Organic gardening compost is food for your soil - supplying and replenishing all the important nutrients that your soil needs for healthy crop growth and increase insect pest resistance.  
  • Organic Fertilizers

    The difference between organic fertilizers and chemical based fertilizers is philosophy and approach. As you get better and more productive with compost, your reliance on organic fertilizers will decrease.  Fertilizers are important in the beginning while you are improving your soil.
  • Growing Vegetables

    Growing Vegetables for your family is incredibly rewarding.  I'll show you how to grow and harvest your own organic vegetables (in abundance). With your own organic vegetable garden you can finally take back control over what is going into your body and have fun doing it.
  • Vegetable Seeds

    You will find open pollinated and heirloom varieties in my Organic Vegetable Seeds Store. I will explain why you should avoid hybrid vegetable seeds.
  • Organic Pest Control

    Organic pest control is observing and giving attention to your total garden system to reduce pest damage. I found that pest control starts when there’s an excess of any one insect species, because it indicates a problem exists with an imbalance in your total garden system.  You can’t blame the insect causing the damage.
  • Insect Pest Finder

    Use Organic Garden Information's Insect Pest Finder to determine what insect pest is causing the plant damage.
  • Gardening Tools

    The gardening tools and supplies you will need in your organic garden…where to get these gardening tools and how to use them
  • eBooks

    Get our free eBooks and where to find the best gardening books that I've discovered
  • Organic Gardening eStore Products

    This Organic Gardening Information eStore eliminates the daunting experience searching for organic gardening items, such as compost products or gardening tools or vegetable seeds.

Late summer organic vegetable gardening
My late summer organic vegetable garden.  Wild and productive!
The art of biodiversity

Organic Gardening Resurgence

I believe that "vegetable gardening" is poised for a resurgence that will dwarf the vegetable gardening trend of 30 years ago. This time around it won’t be a trend…it will be more like a revolution and here’s why I believe this.

  • Current food production is showing vulnerabilities and limitations.
  • Mega corporations may not be able to feed us safely and nutritionally.
  • We are importing more vegetables, and this raises the chances that our food will be tainted by natural or man-made contaminates.
  • Organic food products are in ever increasing demand.
  • People will begin to raise some or most of their own vegetables and demand more vegetables and fruit from local markets rather than super stores.
  • People will soon realize that they can grow at least some of what they eat just like their grandparents and get control of the quality in the process.
  • Climate change is wrecking havoc on food supplies globally, creating unpredictable market shortage and market abundance. Growing more of your own organic food may be more reliable.
  • GMO's are now common elements in most of our processed foods and even some of our fresh foods in our grocery stores.

permaculture food forest for organic pest control
Permaculture food forest for organic pest control next to my vegetable garden

So starting today let me help you get into organic gardening by helping you gain the knowledge for success. On the other hand, if you're already an avid gardener, please use what I share on organic gardening information to harvest as much organic gardening information as you need. In any case, my goal for this site is to share my experience and knowledge so you can grow your own food.

...I began writing the content for this site at the height of the real estate market (Dec, 2006), gas prices were tolerable and no major food crises in the United States.... things have changed and they are not going back...
"You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy!"


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