Pecan Weevil

Pecan Weevil Larva

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Common names: Pecan Weevil

Scientific name: Curculio caryae

Region: This weevil can be found throughout the southern United States.

Life cycle: This insect produces one generation each year and requires two to three years to complete an entire cycle.  The larvae overwinter inside of cell within the soil.

Physical description: Measuring in at 1/4 of an inch, this weevil is dark brown with short yellow hair and long slender beak that is nearly as long as its body.

Feeding characteristics: This pest attacks pecan plants, as larvae, by chewing the nut kernels through holes in the shell with its long slender beak.

Controls: Keep the area clean of dropped nuts and other garden rubbish.  Since weevils like to play possum when frightened, you can shack the branches and collect many insects on a canvas or sheet.

If these methods are not enough, then dust with Diatomaceous earth.  This can also control the insect prior to their entering the nuts.

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