Garden Centipede

Garden Centipede

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Common names:  Garden Centipede

Scientific name (Class):  Chilopoda

Region:  Throughout North America and Europe

Life cycle:  Numerous generations per year.  The adults spend the winter in the soil.

Physical Description: These Centipedes grow to 2 - 6 inches long. They are reddish-brown, have a flattened body and many legs. The number of legs a centipede has is dependent on the species and age. Fully grown Centipedes have 30 legs (15 pair). If there are less, it's because it's not an adult.

Feeding characteristics: Centipede are voracious predators of other insects and play a beneficial role in the garden.

Controls:  Centipedes are predators and play a beneficial role in the garden. Their activities should be encouraged in the organic garden.

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