Southern Green Stink Bug

Southern Green Stink Bug

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Common names: Southern Green Stink Bug

Scientific name: Nezara viridula

Region: This stink bug can be found in the southwestern United States.

Life cycle: This insect produces four to five generations each year.  The adult stink bug hibernates in garden rubbish.

Physical Description: This 1/2 inch long bug is light green with speckles.  The hibernating form might be a pinkish color.  The eggs are laid with a sticky substance to the leaves of host plants.

The nymph is a bluish gray with red marks and is round in shape.

Feeding characteristics: This pest is found on bean, citrus, peach, pecan, potato, and tomato plants.  They feed on the leaves and fruit; cause the pods to drop prematurely and nuts to develop black pits.  They do this by sucking sap from the leaves and fruit.

Controls: Controls are not usually necessary, but if damage is intolerable, dust with sabadilla.

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