Say Stink Bug

Say Stink Bug

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Common names: Say Stink Bug

Scientific name: Chlorochroa sayi

Region: This bug can be found in the western United States, with similar species throughout North America.

Life cycle: This insect produces several generations each year.  The adult Stink Bug hibernates in garden rubbish.

Physical Description: This 1/2 inch long bug is bright green with three orange marks at the top of the back and a white dot at the tip of the abdomen.  The eggs are a pale green or brown and are laid in groups on the leaves of host plants.

Feeding characteristics: This pest can be found on asparagus, bean, pea, and potato plants.  There feeding can cause pods to become pimpled and shoot to wilt.

Controls: Control measures are seldom necessary, but in emergencies dust with sabadilla.

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