Transplanting by the Moon


Transplanting by the moon is a great way to ensure the success of your new plants. Transplanting your flower and vegetable plants by the Moon helps prevent transplant shock. Lunar planting promotes leaf growth when the moonlight increases and root growth when moonlight decreases and the Moon's gravitational pull of the soil's water increases.

Transplant your plants (or bulbs) within 7 days of the Full Moon. During this time, the moonlight is decreasing, and the lunar gravitational pull is increasing. After the next 21 days the plants' root systems are strong enough to support increased leaf growth.

Reminder: This is also a good time to plant long germinating seeds that take 14 days to germinate.

Transplanting Young Plants

Planting Seeds-Full Moon Planting Seeds-Day 1Planting Seeds-Day 2Planting Seeds-Day 3Planting Seeds-Day 4 Planting Seeds-Day 5Planting Seeds-Day 6Planting Seeds-Day 6 Last Quarter

Full Moon Last Quarter

Planting seeds by the Moon right arrow Transplant during this time Planting seeds by the Moon left arrow

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