Extralong Germinating Seeds

Extralong germinating seeds (22 - 28+ days) are planted on or within 7 days of the New Moon.  During the New Moon stage when the lunar gravitational pull is at its highest the ELG seeds absorb water and the seed coat bursts quickly. ELG seeds absorb water and humic acid during this time and begin germinating during the next New Moon (approximately a month away).

List of ELG Seeds


Approximately Days to Germination









Approximately Days to Germination is a minimum number and may be up 5 days later outside the proper lunar cycle.

Another Strategy to Increase Germination of ELG Seeds

Water treatment. Place your seeds in luke warm water.  The water will soften the seed coat, and possibly leach out certain chemicals that may act as germination inhibitors.  Keep the container of water and seed at room temperature for 12 - 24 hours and the seed is then sown in your garden or flats.

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