Soft Phosphate Organic Fertilizer

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Soft Phosphate (SP) organic fertilizer is rich source of Phosphorus containing around 20% Phosphorus and 15% Calcium as well as many trace minerals.  It is naturally occurring clay that has been mined for organic gardener for over 70 years.  It is often used as a major ingredient in fertilizer blends.

Soft Phosphate Organic Fertilizer

SP helps promote higher populations of soil microorganisms and is especially useful when transplanting seedlings.  This is a great source of phosphorus for underground vegetables like onions, potatoes, etc.

Because SP is a natural source of Phosphorus it doesn’t leach away and must be mix with the soil to gain its effectiveness. It is insoluble and long lasting

SP Use:

  • Used as a long-lasting source of phosphorus.
  • Used as bulb food and transplanting fertilizer, because of its high phosphorus content.
  • Promotes soil microorganisms.
  • Use SP top layer of your garden soil; where new roots can find it.
  • Over-use will not burn the plants.


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