Growing Pumpkins

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Fact Sheet

Botanical name: Cucurbita pepo



Pumpkin Plants

Planting time: SU
Seeds per ounce: 90-250
Ounces per square foot: 0.008
Minimum legal germination rate: 75%
Germination type:

Short Germinating seeds

It's important with Pumpkins that you pick an area that gets full sun and has plenty of room. Pumpkins have vigorous vines and will sprawl all over the place. It's possible that a single vine will grow up to 30 feet long.

Pumpkins make a great intercropping plant with other vegetables, such as Corn and Beans. The Corn supports the climbing Beans, and the Pumpkin vines are trained to grow below the Corn. In addition the large leaves of the Pumpkin plant provide shade that suppresses weeds and helps retain soil moisture.

Both the Pumpkins and the Seeds can be harvested for food source.


In garden spacing (inches): 18-30 depending on variety
In flat spacing (inches): 2
Planting depth (inches): 1
Maximum number of plants per square foot: .1 - .5 depending on variety
Nutrient relationship:: Heavy Feeder


Days to maturity: 98-112
Harvesting period (days): -
Minimum yields in pounds /square foot: .5


Diseases: Alternaria Leaf Spot, Anthracnose, Bacterial Wilt, Blossom-End Rot, Downy Mildew, Fusarium Wilt, Gummy Stem Blight, Powdery Mildew
Insect pests:(Insect Pest Finder) Bean Aphid, Green Peach Aphid, Pickleworm, Spider Mites, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Squash Bug, Squash Vine Borer, Striped Cucumber Beetle


Amish Pie, Atlantic Giant, Big Max Pumpkin, Casper , Cheyenne Bush Pumpkin, Connecticut Field, Cornfield Pumpkin, Cushaw, Jack Be Little, New England Pie, Rouge Vif d’ Etampes, Yellow Of Paris


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