Growing Potatoes

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Botanical name: Solanum tuberosum


Potato Seed Tuber

Potato Plants

Planting time: SP,SU
Seeds per ounce: Grown from seed tubers
Ounces per square foot: 4
Minimum legal germination rate: -
Germination type:

Long Germination

Growing Potatoes is predominately started from the eyes of another potato (seed tubers) and not from seed. What is planted is a seed tuber with two or three eyes in it.

When your Potato plants die down, stop watering them for two weeks. After two weeks gently dig them up and place them in the shade to dry out for a couple of days (do not stack them).

The Irish Potato is native to South America and was brought to Spain from Peru during the 16th century.

Caution: The Potato belongs to the nightshade family. The vegetative growth above ground exposed to light (and green Potatoes), posses poisonous and narcotic properties of the nightshades.


In garden spacing (inches): 9
In flat spacing (inches): -
Planting depth (inches): 6-9
Maximum number of plants per square foot: 2.5
Nutrient relationship:: Light Feeder


Days to maturity: 63-119
Harvesting period (days): -
Minimum yields in pounds /square foot: 1


Diseases: Bacterial Soft Rot, Bacterial Wilt, Common Scab, Early Blight, Late Blight.
Insect pests:(Insect Pest Finder) Beet Leafhopper, Colorado Potato Beetle, Green Peach Aphid, Potato Beetle, Potato Leafhopper, Potato Stalk Borer, Potato Tuberworm, Spider Mites


Désirée, King Edward, Kipfler, New, Nicola, Pink Eye, Pink Fir Apple, Red Pontiac, Russet Burbank, Spunta


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