Growing Bunching Onions

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Botanical name: Allium fistulosum



Bunching Onions

Planting time: SP,SU,FA
Seeds per ounce: 12000
Ounces per square foot: .003
Minimum legal germination rate: 70%
Germination type:

Short Germinating seeds


Bunching Onions are also called Japanese Bunching Onions, Welsh Onions, or Scallions.

Although growing Bunching Onions can be grown as annuals, you can leave a few plants in your organic garden to allow offshoots to develop for dividing the following year.

Harvest Bunching Onions carefully by gently pulling older ones up allowing the young onions remain in the soil to grow.

Bunching onions are mild and can be used fresh or like any green onions.



In garden spacing (inches): 3  
In flat spacing (inches): Broadcast  
Planting depth (inches): Cover seed with soil.
Maximum number of plants per square foot: 25
Nutrient relationship:: Light Feeder



Days to maturity: 56-119
Harvesting period (days): -
Minimum yields in pounds /square foot: 1


Diseases: Botrytis Leaf Blight, Damping-Off, Downy Mildew, Fusarium Basal Rot, Neck Rot, Onion Smut, Pink Root, Purple Blotch, Several Bacteria, White Rot.
Insect pests:(Insect Pest Finder) Army Cutworm, Cutworm, Green Peach Aphid, Greenhouse Whitefly, Leafminer, Northern Mole Cricket, Onion Eelworm, Onion Maggot, Onion Thrips, Saltmarsh Caterpillar, Slugs and Snails, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Striped Cucumber Beetle, Vegetable Weevil


Evergreen Hardy White, White Spear, Deep Purple


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