Three Simple Methods of Organic Gardening Pest Control

by Cathy

Organic gardening is becoming more and more popular, and can be quite rewarding. However, as in all types of gardening, your plants are at risk to pests. Indoor gardens provide ideal conditions, so pests will reproduce quickly. In outdoor gardens, there's a risk that once an insect has attacked one plant, it could spread to the next.

It's important to remember that some insects are beneficial to your garden. Many toxic sprays will kill all the insects present, and may cause more harm overall, so avoid using these. Instead, try using a few simple organic pest control methods to prevent or eliminate pests.

Use the Right Planting Method

When planting a garden, you should know which plants attract which pests. You should also find out which plants are good for naturally fighting off certain types of critters. For example, planting flowers that are resistant to a type of pest next to a plant that is prone to getting that pest will increase the chances avoiding it completely. Ask your local garden center or research companion plants online to find out more.

Inspect the Soil and Replace

Moving houseplants outside for the summer can be great for their overall health, but it's important to inspect your plants before bringing them back inside; you don't want to bring insects inside that could infect other healthy plants. To be safe, replace as much of the soil as you can and add in some compost. New soil and compost gives your plants a fresh home, and helps prevents introducing any harmful insects back into the house.

Control Insect Pests with Homemade Mixtures

Many household items and foods can help control insect pests. Depending on the type of insect pest, you may find that a solution of chili peppers and water (or soap and water) in a spray bottle can be very effective. You only need a small amount of the pepper or soap (so you don't harm the vegetation). Spraying the mixture on the leaves and stems dehydrates the pests, so your problem could be solved quickly. If you choose to make your own organic insecticide, make sure you use the right measurements of all the ingredients.

These natural steps are an easy way to ensure the health of your garden. By using these methods, you can prevent and react to any unwanted insect pests.

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Dec 16, 2010
Great Tips Cathy!
by: Randall

Thank you for sharing your tips on organic insect pest control. I especially liked the spray bottle of chili peppers and water. I'm going to be trying that!

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