Red Scale Parasite

Red Scale Parasite

Photo © Max Badgley

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Common names:  Red Scale Parasite, Scale Predator, Armored Scale Parasitoid

Scientific name: Aphytis melinus

Region:  This wasp was imported into the US (Southern California) in 1956 from India and West Pakistan for the biological control of scale insects..

Life cycle:  The Scale Predator will lay from one to five eggs in the scale, depending on size of the host. The eggs hatch and feed on the scale (which kills it.) in about 12 days. The adults live about 26 days. It has two or three generations for each scale generation.

Physical Description:  The 1/20 inch long (1.2 mm) Scale Predator is yellow-gold.

Feeding characteristics: The Scale Predator female deposits egg(s) beneath the scale cover and upon hatching, the larva feed on the scale. The feeding is external to the scale’s body. When it reached the adult stage; the tiny adult wasp chews a small round hole in the scale cover and leaves, searching for more scale insects.

Controls: No control is necessary

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