Liquid Fish Organic Fertilizer

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Liquid Fish organic fertilizer (LF) is a very good source of Nitrogen.  It also contains small amounts Phosphorus and Potassium as well. LF organic fertilizer contains many micro nutrients for healthy plant growth and increased soil microorganism populations that help build a healthy aerated soil.

LF organic fertilizer is first cooked, and then the oil is removed for paints and cosmetics. Then the protein is removed and dried to make Fish Meal for livestock feeds and organic fertilizer for organic gardeners. The remaining residue is condensed into a brown, thick liquid called an "emulsion." LF organic fertilizer is also known as Fish Emulsion.

LF makes an excellent foliar spay. Nutrients are absorbed by the plant's leaves much faster than through its roots.  LF sprayed on your garden plants will have an almost instant effect, and research shows that it helps reduce insect pests.

Caution: Liquid Fish emulsion can have a strong order.

LF Uses:

  • Used to increase green leaf growth
  • Used to increased root growth
  • Promotes soil microorganism health
  • Improves soil structure
  • Helps lower pH
  • Can be used as liquid fertilizer


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