Hoof and Horn Meal Organic Fertilizer

Hoof and Horn Meal organic fertilizer is a great source of nitrogen (12%) for your organic garden plants, especially your high feeders like corn, tomato and lettuce. It also has a small amount of phosphorus (2%) for healthy roots and stems.

Hoof and Horn Meal Organic Fertilizer

This organic fertilizer is made from cooked ground dehydrated cattle hooves and horns obtained from slaughterhouses.

H&H Meal is is equivalent to Blood Meal in Nitrogen content, but the nutrient availability is slower, which is better for your organic crops and with less "leaf burn" damage and it contains Phosphorus. It nutrient availablity starts at around 4-6 weeks and can lasts 12 months.

H&H Meal Use

  • Used to increase green leaf growth
  • Used to increased root growth
  • Improves soil structure
  • Nutrient Availability is slower than Blood Meal and is a better choice
  • When adding to your garden as a nitrogen source, always blend it into the soil
  • Can be used as a compost decomposition activator

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