Granite Meal Organic Fertilizer

Granite Meal organic fertilizer (GM) is a good source of potassium, which plants need for overall healthy growth in your organic garden. The nice thing about this organic fertilizer is that it can be added to the organic garden soil in large quantities without increasing or decreasing the pH.

Granite Meal Organic Fertilizer

This organic fertilizer is finely ground granite rock that releases its potassium slowly. It contains 67% silicas. These particles improve soil drainage that enhances soil structure and promotes healthy plants.

While the potassium is not a component of the plant, it plays an important role in many aspects of plant life. It also increases root growth and improves drought tolerance in your organic garden.

GM Use

  • Used to improve a plants overall health
  • Used to increased root growth
  • Enhances soil structure
  • Can be added to the surface or blended into the soil
  • Improves drought tolerance

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