Crushed Granite Organic Fertilizer

Crushed Granite (CG), as a organic fertilizer, is a slow-releasing source of potassium and trace minerals. It can last up to 10 years in your organic garden soil. It contains 67% silica (silica plays an important role in overall soil fertility) and 19 trace minerals. It’s a great soil conditioner for clay based soils

crush granite organic fertilizer

CG is a mineral and very similar to what the mineral content of your soil is made of - ground up rock. If your native soil is mainly granite, adding more will do little to improve that soil.

Its important when adding ominerals such as CG to your soil that add sufficient amounts of organic matter (compost) so the bacteria can convert these minerals to needed nutrients.

CG is a very nice looking material in your garden paths and comes in many sizes. Some varieties of CG are screened for different sizes, and some contain particle sizes down to dust.

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