Bat Seabird Guano

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Bat-Seabird Guano (BSG) organic fertilizer is high in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and trace minerals.  BSG is also an effective phosphorus fertilizer.  BSG will increase your organic gardening soil with organic matter and helps increase soil microorganisms.  BSG also lacks the awful odor you smell in so many other manure type fertilizers.

Mining Guano
Mining Guano

BSG is collected in dry environments that insured minmal loss of nutrients, thus making it highly concentrated Nitrogen and the use of Guano in organic gardening refers to both Bat and Seabird manure. In other words, Guano is more than bat dung.

The Incas first coined the word "Guano" that means "the droppings of sea birds."  To the Incas, Guano was a treasured resource.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on Guano.  See Guano at Wikipedia

The Chincha guano islands in Peru. February 21, 1863
The Chincha Guano islands in Peru. February 21, 1863.

BSG Use:

  • Used to increase green leaf growth
  • Can be used as a compost decomposition activator
  • Do not use around seedlings
  • Use only on non-legumes (peas and beans) plants
  • When adding to your garden as a nitrogen source, always blend it into the soil
  • Use BSG in the top layer of your garden soil; where new roots can find it.

Note: Guano can cause plant burn if too much is used at one time.

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