An exciting new course on The Organic Garden

by Elspeth Briscoe
(Oxford, UK)

Gardening Courses from MyGardenSchool

Gardening Courses from MyGardenSchool

Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor of Country Living Magazine, is one of the world's experts on organic gardening. We're delighted that she's one of a few experts involved in doing an online course for

A Little bit about 'The Organic Garden' course:
Over the 4 week course I will presenting a series of lectures that will help you understand both the Big Issues – in other words – the philosophy behind organic gardening, and the Practicalities – in other words – how to do it. I will guide you through the steps you can take to adopt a chemical-free, sustainable and benevolent way of caring for your garden that will be good for your health and that of the environment – while keeping your garden looking great

The course starts on April 30th, so please book now to ensure a place.

For more information:

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